McKnight  Equestrian  Services 

Knabstruppers of Knight Equine

~A Rare Spotted Breed of Danish Warmblood~

We believe the Knabstrupper (properly pronounced as "Kah-nob-strooper") to be a special breed- truly versatile sporthorse that doesn't sacrifice quality for color and is a perfect fit for any level of rider.


"Knabstruppers are the ideal horses suitable for an amateur rider with their easy going natures, yet good enough for a professional because of their ability. Due to their outstanding movements, which are powerful, but easy to be controlled they are also used for therapeutic work. The breed is used not only for leisure and hobby riding but also for the most advanced equestrian disciplines including dressage, eventing, show jumping, hunt seat, and Houte Ecole."

-Bent Branderup, 'Knabstruppers'

Several Knabstruppers are competing at Prix St. George and above in Dressage and Show Jumping. For a breed with such small numbers (currently there are about 1500 in the world and little more than 100 in the United States) we think it's pretty significant that even a couple of Knabstruppers have been seen at the Paralympic level of dressage. The Knabstrupper, Zanko, and his rider won Gold & Silver medals in the 2004 Athens & 2008 Hong Kong Paralympics for the individual and freestyle dressage portions, Pegasus vom Niehaus-hof & Lucas Normark helped their riders qualify for the 2012 London Paralympics, & Lucas Normark and his rider won a Silver medal in the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

'Knight Equine' is absolutely committed to further establishing (and maintaining) the Knabstrupper breed here in the United States, and are in the process of building a broodmare band consisting of Danish & German (KNN, Zfpd, RPSI) Mainbook Knabstruppers, of which will be offered to the public through embryo flushes and in-utero (predominately colt) options with the ability to customize each option by choosing both the mare and the stallion.

Due to the nature of our program, where the majority of our sales are based on custom breedings, we will rarely have any on-the-ground horses available (outside of the occasional colt from our personal breedings). Riding leases will however be available on many of our Knabstruppers as our herd grows. 

All our foals will receive will receive papers from either the KNN or the RPSI (depending on parents registration) but will eligible for main book approval in both registries along with a few others. 

We're proud members of the KNN!

Other approval possibilities are dependent on the eligibility of the horse such as, but not limited to: