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    Daquiri is the newest edition to the Knabstruppers of Knight Equine breeding program and is homozygous for the Leopard gene!
    Daquiri is a 2011 (March 23rd) registered whiteborn (homozygous) Knabstrupper mare with a significant percentage of Knabstrupper bloodlines (11/16th bred) standing 15hh. 

    Purchased in 2016, Daquiri, is the newest edition to the McKnight family as well to the Knight Equine breeding program.

    Presented to the KNN in 2012 as a yearling, she scored 1st premium despite being exempt from the movement portion due to recovering from a broken shoulder earlier that year.

    Started under saddle as a three-year-old she is still considered green, but has a well behaved temperament. We look forward to continuing her riding education and starting her show career.

    We intend to present her to the KNN for breeding approval in 2017.

    FANFARE DE BEC a.k.a. Fannie

    'Fannie' is a 2009 Sports type Knabstrupper bred by Bec Stud and the foundation mare for the Knabstruppers of Knight Equine breeding program.
    Fannie is a 2009 (September 27th) registered suppressed leopard (Lplp) Knabstrupper mare, 4/8ths bred, standing at 15.2hh. 

    Purchased in 2011 as a long yearling, she is our first Knabstrupper McKnight family as well to the start of the Knight Equine breeding program.

    Awarded 1st premium and Best Foal during the 2009 KNN Karing, Fanfare was then presented to the KNN in 2012. She was awarded 2nd premium despite dealing with a minor shoulder injury.

    Lightly started under saddle in 2016, we look forward to continuing her riding education and starting her show career.

    Other Horses

    SHEEZ A BEAUTI a.k.a. Beauti

    Out of consideration to her advancing age and limitations, Beauti is in semi-retirement and is only used for light riding only. 
    Beauti is a 1993 (May 14th) registered Palomino (PHA) mare with a Foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines standing 15.3hh. 

    She is a well trained mare that spent most of her life as a trail horse (which she LOVES) but she is familiar with lateral work.

    Beauti is an excellent 'babysitter' and 'guest horse' that really takes care of young and inexperienced riders. She has been ridden in lessons by beginners as well as by those on the autism spectrum.

    Due to stifle issues that were present before our purchase of her, Beauti, has Grade II lameness in her left hind.

    This lameness is difficult to observe at the walk or when trotting in a straight line, but is consistently apparent under certain circumstance (circling, inclines, and at the canter).

    Beauti has certain limitations (no jumping, no canter work, supplements/meds with anything but light riding) but is still serviceably sound and loves going out on the trail. 

    Beauti is Carla's First Horse.


    Gypsy is the horse of family member Connie M.

    Gypsy is an unregistered Percheron/Friesian cross we believe to have been born sometime in 1996.

    In the past she has gone to local shows and competed in Gymkhana classes. . . And won ribbons! 

    After Lady's passing, it took us a while before we were emotionally ready for another horse. But her owner has fallen in love with her new girl and we are happy with how well she has fit into the rest of our herd.

    Fanfare absolutely loves (and terrorizes) Gypsy out in the field and Constance enjoys taking lessons on Gypsy.

    LADY ISABELLE a.k.a. Izzie (R.I.P.)

    Izzie is the horse of family member Connie M.

    Lady is a flashy 1999 Draft/Arabian mare standing 15.3hh that has been used as a broodmare and in beginner lessons- she has even placed at a few W/T classes with her previous owner(s).

    She has the smoothest trot you can ride all day (trot out or neck rein in western saddle) and will lead or follow on the trails.

    Lady is a mellow yet sensitive soul with tons of hidden energy.

    Lady Isabelle is currently being used as a confidence builder for her timid beginner rider, but is responsive enough under saddle to help riders fine tune their cues/aids, & had just begun lateral work when we purchased her.

    October 29th 2014 after being unable to get up for several hours due to neurological problems caused by EPM we made the decision to have Lady humanely euthanized.