McKnight  Equestrian  Services 

McKnight Equestrian Services is in the process of building a KNN & RPSI approved broodmares of which we will be offering to the public through embryo sales, custom foals, & riding leases.

Online community that facilitates the promotion of this rare breed while building resources for Knabstrupper lovers in North America.

About Us

McKnight Equestrian Services ('Knight Equine') is operated by Carla McKnight with a lot of help and support from her family. They live inside an established equestrian neighborhood in North Raleigh with their four mares and what seems like an entire pack of dogs (though it's really just the three). 

Having fallen in love with the Knabstrupper, an old and rare breed of spotted Danish warmblood (often confused with the Appaloosa) known for its sport horse versatility and willing temperament, we are committed to further preserving and establishing these horses in the USA where numbers are only in the low hundreds. 

We are slowly building a broodmare band of KNN & RPSI approved mares of which will be offered to the public through our custom foal program. All of our mares are available for embryo flush and most will be available for riding lease to budding professionals and talented youth.

Carla also offers website design & maintenance services and equine photography.